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Is the expensive equipment worth it? Or should you stick with the cheap stuff? You have to pay for shoes, shirts and all sorts of gear just to be able to play the sport. As a society we want our kids…. Home field advantage? Who cares? Once again, the basketball teams storm through the regular season conference play.

The home field advantage is…. Friday night, the classic musical opened in…. Actions are louder than words. You might want to defend your perspective. Midweek can bring difficulties. Some issues may lead to a point of emergency or choice. The vibes are nothing but good, the environment is relaxing and the coffee is fantastic—what more could you…. It is to be replaced with units similar to East Campus the year following. These units are proposed to open in the Fall of following…. Of significance, this report mentioned the….

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How did the teams do on opening weekend? They played a double header on Sunday against the Emory and Henry Wasps. Sophomores explain why they signed to their chosen major during Signing Day on Feb. Communication is truly what makes the world go round and being able to understand the fundamentals of verbal and nonverbal…. The Council…. One such disease, measles, has jumped from reported cases…. So what do you do to combat the stress of being busy? What I mean…. Over the course of his hour-long reflection on leadership, Northam presented himself as an accepting, relatable and noble individual who rose from a career….

Is love in the air for you this week? Your feelings are attached to your health, so whatever you do, do not…. He also theorized that when heavy objects move quickly, they can…. On Thursday, Feb. According to Dr…. Throughout my childhood, my mom would come…. The purpose of Money Matters is for it be an interactive document that can be accessed by anyone within the university to allow everyone to share different tips….

In its first three days, this exclusive online commercial sailed up to over 19 million views on platforms reaching across Facebook and YouTube. Currently, it rests…. How much are Super Bowl ads worth?

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It really is incredible how much money it costs for a simple…. The most anticipated Sunday of the year is here. The Super Bowl is undoubtedly the largest annual sporting event in America. Emphasis on event, as nowadays the focus…. According to the U. You can write about anything and everything for a salary, you have a son that is….

Her unconventional approach will culminate in a staging of French…. Allow your body to recoup. Drink a lot of water and eat wholesome foods that can strengthen your system. Arm yourself for minor mishaps brought about by rushing. Be kind to yourself…. Essential oils are all the rage nowadays, but what are they actually useful for? Located on Jefferson Avenue, Sushi King is not in the ideal location for a sushi buffet…. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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The goal was to…. A consul. The first ever foreign exchange student at Christopher Newport.

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She attended…. They improve from a ranking of 53 in …. But many not up to speed on the…. It was the first of its kind in the navy- an ironclad warship with a rotating turret. For those of us sophomore year and above, we all know the struggle of trying to get housing in the dorm you want, and sometimes, the struggle of even trying to get housing at all.

Day is a day that changes as you grow. When I was younger, it was more of a day off than anything, a federal holiday that I was happy to get off of school and work. Now that I…. I played any sport you could think of: volleyball, basketball, soccer and softball. Although I played all of these, softball was the main sport I excelled at.

I began playing when I was a young child,….

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You could join a club,…. WNBA players want equal pay, can they get it? And with it has come the conversation of fair pay in the sports world. But as one of the most…. With so many shows happening simultaneously,….

Aries March 21 — April 19 You could be in a nerve-wracking period. Impatience and overwork could agonize your nerves. Nurture yourself and have some harmony. A nice bath or short break to accumulate motivation will help more than you understand. Be happy! Sigma Alpha Omega is a Christian sorority originally established in His new project, though,…. Every game within the series is typically considered to be one of the best for each of their respected Nintendo console, or at least…. Manny Machado is the talk of MLB and continues to headline the offseason. Where will he end up and what does this mean for free agents in MLB? The Phillies, the White Sox, the Yankees, or somewhere else all together. Where will Manny go?


I was excited by this…. The longest shutdown in United States history is affecting more than you would think. More than federal employees, the shutdown is affecting small businesses in DC. I have seen first-hand…. CNU community gathers to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. On Monday, Jan.

People across Va. EDU With hugs so hard they make sisters fall down, cheers that rattled the building and more than enough happy tears, Bid Day welcomed new members into the seven Panhellenic sororities at CNU. But Bid Day and running home was just…. Skip to content. This little restaurant mostly caters to the breakfast, brunch and lunch crowd… Read More. Considering I have played many varieties of sports in my twenty-one… Read More.

When Magic Johnson… Read More. And although formalized systems have sprung up around this ability — things like the scientific method and deductive… Read More. For many however, performance events such as those that take place in theaters are not accessible for those with varying disabilities, especially those with Autism… Read More. Scheduling courses for the next semester… Read More.