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Enjoy astro-charting! Main: Zodiacal. Birth Chart Report Quick natal chart with chartwheel and interpretations guest - available soon. Forecast Report Planetary transits right now and in the future guest - available soon. Compatibility Relationship dynamics in astrology. Synastry report guest - available soon. Enter your birth information and get a natal chart drawing and interpretations report.

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Horoscope based on your full birth details. In the words of the Sesame Street song: That's about the size, Where you put your eyes, That's about the size of it. It's all in how you frame your picture. The closer to the subject you get, the greater the detail - the farther away, the larger the scope. The natal horoscope with its transits and progressions can, for instance, give you a view of all the days of your life, painted with a broad brush.

Or, the sweep of the heavens in the instant of the moment can portray where you're at right now. In the middle, the pictures of the coming month or the coming year are available to you in the form of lunar monthly and solar yearly returns. Your Lunar return is the monthly chart of the instant the Moon in the sky returns to the exact position it was at your birth.

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It's kind of a monthly birthday, and the arrangement of planets it displays reflects the patterns of your coming month. Like your natal chart, or any other kind of horoscope, a Lunar return is a chart of a beginning - in this case, the monthly beginning of the lunar cycle that started at your birth, which is the cycle of your response to your environment, including your emotions, feelings, interactivity, social well-being, and generally how creatively you react to the challenges and opportunities of life.

It works on the principle that when you begin something - anything - everything that flows from it is bound up in the initial conditions under which it started. The beginning is your foundation, and you build and rest upon it until you are finished. A Lunar return is the astrological depiction of the new beginning you make each month and what results from it until the next cycle begins.

Thus, give yourself a little time and space to rest and meditate if you can in the few hours surrounding the time of your Lunar return each month. Take the time to think about what lies ahead, plan your strategies, and gather your resources so you can make the best of what's offered. Look over the aspects in your Lunar return chart and the days and times ahead where they individually kick in. Once you've got a calm picture of the challenges and openings to come, you can rise to seize the day, one moment at a time, and make the most of the month. The planetary positions in a Lunar return are locked in at the moment the Moon returns to its natal place.

Where these positions fall in relation to the local horizon, and thus the areas of life in which they work, is entirely dependent upon where you are at the time. Thus, if you see that your Lunar return is going to develop a picture you'd like to rearrange, that can be accomplished by placing yourself at the right spot on the globe to fine-tune the event. Many astrologers travel widely in order to adjust both Solar and Lunar returns - I have done so repeatedly over the last 35 years with apparent great success, so I recommend it when necessary.

Moving about extensively every month is not easy for everyone, but being aware that it affects the Lunar return is a plus if you normally travel on business and have some say as to where. The Lunar return is a large piece of the astrological picture of what happens with your life every month, but it is not the only one.

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Lunar transits, New and Full Moons, and other factors also weigh in, so they have been included in this report so you can have a more complete picture of what to expect and what you have to work with. You should remember, however, that factors whose timing is as short as a monthly cycle are more like the minute or second hands on your life's clock face. A yearly horoscope report explores the larger themes and explains how the transiting planets may affect your life during the year.

However, most free annual transit reports are not person specific, they are general and written related to the 12 sun signs. Here, you just scroll down the page, click on your birth date, and you'll receive an instant report based on your current Solar return. This is probably the best free yearly report because it deals with more than just your Sun.

The report is listed on the website, so you can go back and click on your birthday to get it throughout the year.

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The report is a general overview of the year ahead. In this method, the phase of the Sun and Moon, the placements of the planets in a sign and house, and the aspects they make to one another and your Solar Return Sun on your birthday are all important. Your Sun is placed on the ascendant, the chart is divided into twelve degree segments, the planets of the day are placed around the wheel in their proper signs and locations, and the chart is read like your birth chart.

It's like you are born again each year on your birthday, and the Solar Return chart paints a picture of the year ahead. As an example, suppose your birthday occurs around the time of a third quarter Moon, this alone reveals an ambitious year when you will be reaching a critical turning point regarding personal growth. Astrology is well represented online with many astrological websites offering yearly Sun sign horoscopes. Those listed below are some of the best.

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Just click on your sun sign, and you'll get an instant overview of what the coming year could bring, especially related to love and career. It offers a narrative report as opposed to month by month. When you scroll to the bottom, you'll find more free information that is more specific to your date of birth. Additionally, Cafe Astrology offers month to month over views , as well as daily influences for each Sun sign.